All about English Mastiff

Looking for a family dog that you can rely on to look after your home and children? The English Mastiff, or popularly known as The Mastiff, could be your best choice. It is a breed of dog that most people are not familiar with as they are rare. This one-of-a-kind dog breed could be considered as a man’s best friend. One of the reasons why Mastiffs are not so popular is that they generally have a short life span.

What Do They Look Like?

Big English Mastiff over the green grass

English Mastiff generally has a very good body frame and comes in a huge size. This is known as one of the largest dog breeds with a huge body and wide head with square look. As other dogs could be taller, no other dog breeds possess the robust look of an English Mastiff. It is also considered as one of the heaviest dog breeds with a weight that ranges between 120 and 250 pounds. English Mastiff is usually 27-30 inches tall. One of the English Mastiff breeds from England was reported to weigh 343 pounds and with height of 37 inches. In case of females, Female Mastiff usually weighs between 120 to 170 pounds.

English Mastiff also has a limited range of color. It has a smooth coat that could be apricot in color, a plain fawn, dark fawn-brindle or silver fawn with a black color mask covering its mouth and seen around its nose. It also has a droopy cheek found on either side of its mouth. This particular type of dog breed also has a smooth fur, which is close to its skin. Long-haired English could be occasionally seen as most of them have a fine hair which sheds minimally.

What They are Mostly Known For?

In the past, English Mastiff was known as a guard dog. The Original Mastiff was known for its fierceness. To date, English Mastiff is gentler. This dog is usually easygoing, calm and steady. Many consider English Mastiff as a great family dog. It is mostly used by many as a guard to children due to its calm and relaxed demeanor. With its gentleness towards its owners and their family members, the mastiff could be a dreadful opponent to strangers when they do approach. They are protective in nature positioning themselves between approaching a person and the pet owner, making them one of the top five dog guards in the world. Normally, they are not an aggressive dog guards when trained to attack people.

Mastiff that are trained to guard the house and garden while they are growing up continues to do their task for the rest of their life, as they think that it is their job to do so. They also get along well with children as they understand how to treat them gently. The Mastiff is mostly protective and patient despite of its weight and size. In fact, it could be trusted looking after small children.

Mastiff Puppies

English Mastiff puppy with a collar

The Mastiff puppies are generally adorable and quick to learn. They could be taught home rules quickly. Since they need additional nutrition, English Mastiff puppies should be fed a lot for them to grow healthy. Those who own English Mastiff puppies should not to restrict them from running to enable their bone to grow well before having an extensive exercise. Also, it is important to note that there are some medical conditions that could affect their growth. They should be taken care of like any other puppies for them to live for long years. However, the only usual lifespan of English Mastiff is between 7-13 years.

How to Care Your English Mastiff

The Mastiff could be sensitive, thus it is important to train it properly while it is growing. They are the one of the dog breeds that does not just have to be fed properly, but to be groomed and taken into a daily walk. This particular dog breed is very loyal and gentle to family kids as well as to smaller dogs. As they are easy to care for and manage, they also require a daily exercise and correct diet for them not to grow lazy.

For those who own English Mastiff, following a daily grooming regimen is generally advisable for its proper upbringing. This includes cleaning its ears and eyes, brushing its coat, clipping its claws, and bathing it periodically. It is also preferable to brush and check its ear on a daily basis.

English Mastiff is also susceptible to certain kinds of health problems and diseases. Just like other pets, it could catch up a disease that is unfavorable to its health. Thus, it is important to be mindful of the signs that it is suffering from a certain kind of illness whether it is mild or a serious one.

If you are planning to purchase an English Mastiff, it would be recommendable to visit a reputable Mastiff breeder. Experts also suggest that Mastiff puppies or full grown adults must undergo tests for elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, DNA, PRA and thyroid before purchasing them. To know more, visit English Mastiff.