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Get Introduced to English Mastiff, a Family Dog Breed

Since there are many dog breeds that you can find in various pet shops, being introduced to one of the most trusted family dog breed is sure to be an exciting part of taking care of dogs. The dog breed that the site is talking about is the English Mastiff. It is a breed that is not much popular but is the one that is known to be a reliable dog that can provide its entire loyalty to its owner. Since the breed is not that famous, the site discusses about the characteristics and personality of the dog.

English Mastiff is the gentler breed of Mastiff unlike the Original Mastiff that was known to have a characteristic that is much fiercer. It is included with the breed of huge dogs since it has an approximate height of 27-30 inches and about 120 to 250 pounds for its weight. With its height and weight, people seeing such breeds can think about a different kind of breed with the same characteristics. The color of the breed is limited only, which makes it easier to determine among other breeds. Its coat almost touches its skin and is known for its smoothness and shiny feature.

What makes the English Mastiff an adorable breed, is that it has droopy cheeks that is sure to entice your interest to own one. Aside from these physical characteristics, the breed is also known to be very protective of its owner especially to kids. This is the reason why many families are choosing to get this dog for the protection purposes. The breed can learn different house rules easily as it grows, which makes it a breed that does not to be trained with the use of wireless pet containment system.

More than the basic information about the characteristics of the English Mastiff, the site also discusses about the short life span of the breed, which is the reason why it is not that popular. As a puppy, this breed needs extra care and attention for it to get proper nutrition as it grows. It also needs to be walked daily for its bones to grow stronger and avoid any bone problems due to its weight and height. With this information, you are assured that you can learn the best out of taking care of an English Mastiff.

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We recommend some type of containment system whether it be a physical barrier or an Invisible Fence system. These types of fences give your Mastiff the ability to get a considerable more amount of exercise than a dog without one. There is just no way an owner can walk a dog 16 times a day. So be sure to use top quality dog fence wire and install it properly, also pay special attention to training. Electric dog fence trainings a critical part of making sure the system works properly. See here for various systems for sale.

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The site provides much information about how to take care of an English Mastiff and make it possible to lengthen the lifespan of the breed. For breeds, like an English Mastiff, it is best that people are aware of the best ways of how to take care of the dog. This means that the information starts from the proper care that the dog should have from being a puppy until it grows up.

With all of its characteristics and its gentle love for its owners, the breed is sure to be the best breed that should be bought for a family. It is recommended in the site that you get the help of expert Mastiff breeders, to make sure that you can lengthen the life of the dog.

Photo by Crystal Weed on Unsplash.